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Donations of any amount are welcome to support Grapevine Farms and our mission to fight hunger and obesity and educate our community about nutrition. Thank you for your support.

Crowdfunding 2014

GoFundMe Campaign

Help us pay farm workers to feed the hungry and homeless in America.

Grapevine Farms grows affordable food to help feed the homeless and hungry in the Big Country of Texas. It is estimated the as many as 50,000 people are food insecure in the 22 counties of the Big Country of Texas. Working with local non-profits, we are growing food that is affordable with seconds being donated to feeding operations in the Big Country to feed the hungry and homeless.

One major issue in America today is that healthy food has such a large carbon footprint and has become so expensive that an average family of 4 with two working parents making minimum wage cannot afford to eat healthy even using school feeding and food stamps. 

This problem has made obesity explode in America because food dollars buy cheap empty calories and does not provide nutrition. 

At Grapevine Farms, we are changing the way food is grown and distributed in America and we need your help.

You can help us - contribute on GoFundMe today, or share the word with your friends and family